Custom Design Build Deck

Custom build deck with TimberTech lighting

Custom design build deck

Designing a custom deck has its perks

When we meet with a client to help design them a deck there are a few thing that we always look at.

              •  We talk with them to discover what they are wanting to do with their deck.
              •  What is the budget that they are wanting to work within so we can design with the features that means the most to our client.
              • We discuss scheduling so that the least impact can be done while in the construction phase.
              • We will look at your site and go over any challenges that my be important to their new deck construction.

Features that will make that new deck just pop

              • Timber Tech Composite Decking
              • Unique directional lay out of decking boards
              • Addition of Timber Tech low voltage lighting
              • Addition of a dimmer
              • Adding a second tier to add dimension

Using Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy CountertopsEpoxy Countertops are not used a lot in kitchens but we had a customer that had purchased some used black epoxy countertops form a person. This is also being Eco friendly these top would have just made into the job site dumpster because they were ordered for a job and not used they are a custom order so they couldn’t be used any other location. …Continue Reading

Working with used Corian counter tops.

Used Corian Countertops

preparing to cut corian counter top

Working with used Counter tops can save you money. If you have the tools for medium skill level wood working then this is something that you should be able to handle. I looked on Craig’s List to find used Corian counter tops. you can find several people that are trying to sell ones that they have replaced their existing ones with something else or just a change in color. I had a project that we wanted to update the existing Mauve colored tops with something newer. I was able to find a nice amount of Corian tops that was enough that I could cut and make changes to make the kitchen look new. …Continue Reading

Using Corian Counter Tops,

Corian Countertops

Corian Countertops can be installed by certified professionals only, however, if you have a decent knowledge of  installing countertops and some basic wood working skills then you can probably work with corian. Some recourses you may be able to buy corian is Craig’s list or your local add tab etc. Pay close attention to your lay out you are trying to install tops on. This can be a money saver because there area several people out there that are getting rid of their corian countertops to change color or material. If you have a simple layout of cabinets to install tops on then this could be a DYI project. Corian can be cut with a carbide blade one with more teeth does a nicer job than those with less. tools you will need include a good straight edge, a good circular saw, some clamps, if edges will have to be repaired you will need some color epoxy, Epoxy Gun (this may be a little more difficult to find as a DYI) we may be able to help you with this. You may find more specific information here at DuPont’s website



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